CO.DE Materials

CO.DE Materials

CO.DE offers cutting-edge covering materials for beautiful design surfaces.

CO.DE offers cutting-edge covering materials for beautiful design surfaces. CO.DE responds to the different needs of designers and architects in creating architectural environments with an infinite series combinations, excellent colour rendering and the best styles for specific supports.

CO.DE also offers the possibility to decorate each covering with items belonging to different and off-catalogue collections, and to create custom designs, thanks to the Bespoke CO.DE Service from the company Jannelli. CO.DE coverings are innovative and highly developed to be quick and easy to apply even to curved and smooth and dry surfaces. Entirely made in Italy, and fully compliant with European human and environmental health and safety regulations.

CO.DE Plains

CO.DE textures

To complete the offer and facilitate the possible matching needs, CO.DE has also developed the TEXTURES collection, an offer of more than 100 solid colors.

CO.DE Performance

CO.DE PERFORMANCE is a wall covering with very high technical performance in 100% polyethylene. Perfect for public hotels, shops, schools, clinics, auditoriums or industrial locations, also ideal for home use. It was designed to improve the acoustic quality of the rooms, to be fire-resistant, washable, anti-bacterial and antistatic.

CO.DE Layer by Rezina Tessile

CO.DE LAYER is a new world exclusive product created in collaboration with Rezina. It can coat any kind of wall covering, including natural fibres, without altering their appearance and decorative properties, making them remarkably resistant and waterproof, and therefore suitable for use in places of high traffic or humidity without compromising aesthetics.